Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Are repairs visible?
A: No. Glass polishing or scratch repair, causes no damage, distortion or haze and restores glass to its original clarity.
Q: Does the glass need removing to be repaired?
A: No. All repairs are carried out with the glass in-situ.
Q: Will this process weaken the glass?
A: No.The scratch has already damaged the glass and although the process does not strengthen the glass, by removing the scratch we remove the strain on the glass, recreating a structurally sound unit.
Q: Can tinted glass be polished?
A: Yes.  Tints are manufactured into and throughout the glass, so polishing does not affect the tint.
Q: What types of glass can be polished?

A: All types of glass can be repaired using our glass polishing systems.  Toughened, Plate, Tempered, Float, Laminated, Mirrored, Colored, Curved, Smart and even Bullet proof glass can all be polished.  The only exception - if glass has been coated it cannot be polished without removing the coating.

Q:  Can you take out hard water spots?

A:  Yes.  We can remove even very severe water spotting. Both on exterior windows and interior glass showers. We can repair any type of flat glass as long as it is not broken.

Q:  Can you remove very deep scratches and acid graffiti?
A:  Yes.  We believe the Glass scratch removal process is unequaled in removing these two types of vandalism.  First, because the system is fast and works deep â�� especially for large areas of graffiti.  Secondly, the system provides consistently excellent results, meaning glass clarity and lack of observable distortion.

Q:  Can you work on tempered glass?
A:  Yes.  Tempered glass is just heat treated glass that is stronger than non-tempered.  When tempered glass breaks, it breaks into little pieces. 

Q:  How deep of a scratch can you remove?
A:  Deep.  We haven't ever had a scratch we couldnâ��t remove. However, logic and experience is the best measuring stick on scratch depth.  .004 (Four thousandths) is fairly deep and that hasn't been shown to be a problem.  We have seen graffiti damage that had glass fragments chipped away and glass dust throughout the damaged area which was successfully removed  without any noticeable distortion.  Deep damage like this does take a bit longer to repair but it can be done effectively.

Q:  Can you remove scratches from construction damage?
A:  Scratches are easily removed just like graffiti.  We routinely work for contractors, property managers & homebuilders.  They are ecstatic to spend a fraction of what they used to spend to replace glass. The repairs are made on site, without taking the glass out. 

Q:  Can you handle large jobs?
A:  Absolutely. We have the staff to handle any request from 1 to 1000 windows. And yes, there are volume discounts available.  

Q:  Are you insured?
A:  Yes.  As an LLC business, we maintain all required insurance, trademarks, permits and licenses.  

Q:  How often do the windows get re-tagged?
A:  None of our repaired windows have been re-tagged.  Police experts advise that once a tag is removed, taggers go somewhere else to â��display their workâ��.

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