Hard Water Spot Removal

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Commonly found on Hawaii windows where glass and vegetation meet. Sprinkler or water system repeatedly sprays over an area of window and the sun cakes the mineral deposits to the glass. In the worst cases corrosion takes place on the glass and a thin layer of glass must be removed durning the restoration process. Nearly all this work is referred to professional window cleaners and then very often sub-contracted to us. We have good relationships and work closely with all the reputable window cleaners in town. To avoid the middle man contact us directly and save!

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Hard water stains occur anywhere water repeatedly splashes on glass. Especially bathroom shower glass.  This leaves a foggy-looking appearance on the glass and it can be very difficult to remove. There are a number of DIY solutions should you have light spots. However if allowed to stain for long periods the stain may be permanent and have to be polished out by a glass repair professional.


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