Acid Etching Window Graffiti

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Acid etching is a form of graffiti that has started to show up in Hawaii. It is graffiti that is marked on glass or Plexiglas with an acid containing craft etching product, found in craft stores. The graffiti is put on with the container. It will not show immediately, but will burn into the glass over a short period of time. The longer the acid etched graffiti remains, the more permanent it becomes.


The acid graffiti effects can be stopped or slowed down if the substance is cleaned off soon after it is applied to the surface, or it can be neutralized with water or baking soda paste. The only way to remove the acid graffiti is buff, grind and polish the glass, but this should be done as soon as possible by a Glass Repair Expert. Acid graffiti is a costly problem in the Honolulu area.