Window Scratch Removal and Repair

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Types of Scratching and Damage
There are many types of scratches that can exist on glass surfaces. We will define these in three categories: superficial, surface, and sub-surface scratches.


For graffiti problems, we suggest removing the scratches or spray paint immediately, as this will quickly discourage other people from vandalizing your property.  Studies have shown that once a property is tagged, it continues to become a highly targeted area.  So the sooner you remove it, the less chance of further damage occurring.  

Superficial glass scratches are normally created through incidental damage. This can even be caused from standard maintenance to the glass. They are undetectable by touch. This type of damage can be repaired through various polishing methods. Do-It-Yourself applications are available for this type of damage although can be very time consuming and often produce disappointing results.

Surface glass scratching can also be created from incidental damage although many of the scratch of this degree are created from harsh abrasive contact with the glass. Surface scratching can vary in depth from .001 to .004/ inch. These scratches can also be felt with a finger nail. Although you will be able to feel the scratch, your nail should not catch in the designated scratch area. This damage can be easily repaired by a Glass Restoration Expert.


Sub-surface glass scratching is created through the use of very abrasive materials. In many cases this damage is intentional etch or scratch into the window using substantial force. A glass restoration professional is required for this type of repair. Typically sub-surface scratching is between .005 to .014/inch. This scratch is visible up to 12 feet away from the damage and can be felt with your finger nail preventing it from moving any further. Many residential glass damaged areas of this magnitude area caused by sand paper, pet claws, construction damage etc. On commercial buildings the damaged is primarily caused by vandalism.

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